Sunday, 6 April 2014

Williams to Flagstaff

Today's drive was a short one on purpose - so we could sit around and play the waiting game all day - and so we did.

First stopover was the Grand Canyon Railway's station to check out the arrival of the GC train. Because of the number of tourists with cameras getting in the way, we re-located to a grade crossing by their depot so we could film the departure of this train.

Next stop was CP Chalender where the wind cut right through us. It was a clear day but the wind was really cold.

This pushed us further east to Parks where there was a bit of shelter and the peak of Mt Herbert could be seen above the trees.

Next stop was Flagstaff for lunch at an Irish Pub - excellent food (I had a chicken salad) and while sitting there, 3 trains went through.

Next stop was Cosnino Rd where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

Lots of BNSF stuff going on, but more important, the foreign power in the lashups - Canadian National & Norfolk Southern.

No piccies - it was all video today.

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