Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A day on Tehachapi

Hoping for a fine, sunny, warm and windless day on Tehachapi Pass was asking too much. We awoke in Mojave to a a freezing cold wind that cut right through us - and for good reason - it snowed last night and the surrounding hills had a good dusting on them. We decided to venture back north towards Tehachapi Pass to see what the state of the play was and came across a few trains parked up on loops quietly idling - one of them was being snowed on, so we all jumped out and got covered in the white stuff to get the photo.

The town of Tehachapi was getting snowed on and it wasn't looking good. However the further we ventured, the better the weather became, and by late afternoon the sun was out and the wind was dropping. Here's how the day panned out:

Bealville, Tehachapi Loop, Tunnel 2, Caliente & Monolith. I hit the record button 15 times (15 trains) and took about 250 photos.

While at Bealville, the local Ranch owner came out of his house to have a chat with us and hung around for a bit telling us stories of rattle snakes, bears and mountain lions that live in the area....what?!? Bears and mountain lions?  Apparently a mountain lion was killed on the highway recently. I guess the local attraction of farm animals brings them in.

Tonight the sky is clear, but the wind blowing off the snow covered hills is a tad chilly.

We are now five - Paul has had to go to the UK to attend to urgent business matters and couldn't hang around for the remainder of the trip.

Piccies below:

I've finally photographed a train in the snow, while it's snowing. Monolith.

Tehachapi township.

Tehachapi loop. 
Tehachapi loop.

Tunnel 2, near Caliente.

Caliente horseshoe curve


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