Friday, 4 April 2014

Needles to Kingman

Today we drove along Interstate 40 from Needles to Kingman, Arizona. The overall distance is not all that far, so most of the day was spent sitting, waiting and filming/photographing.

The day started at Park Moabi and Topock. At Park Moabi the tracks thread their way through the extensive gold mine tailings and just around the corner, there's a huge bridge across the Colorado River.

Last minute research had us exploring a potential location across the river at Topock which looked down on the bridge and tracks - chalk that one up for next time.

Next stop after a long drive was Kingman Canyon. Usually I'd follow Rte 66 into the canyon, however since it was late in the afternoon I went to the opposite side. Lots of trains - lots.

During the course of the day I filmed 21 trains, but in reality it was 24 as three of them were meets that occured in the same shot.

Tired, sore, cracked lips and sun burned again. Awesome day.

Piccies below:

BNSF intermodal at Park Moabi, CA

This is what the city of Needle is named after, the Needles Mountain range.

Chris Wilson doing his video thing at Kingman Canyon.

Kingman Canyon - no sunlight - another overcast day darn it all.

Hurtling through Kingman Canyon in low light conditions.

Kingman Canyon - again

Santa Fe unit on a Santa Fe bridge.

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