Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cajon Pass to Fullerton

Yippee !! We're finally on our last leg of the tour.

First stopover was on Pepper Ave at Colton Yard where we spent about 3 hours watching the goings on - the time just flew when it was busy.

Next stop was at the Union Pacific Yard to check out the Big Boy that was parked there...we were only allowed to look at the rear end of the tender but over the fence you could see the loco.

Riverside for lunch - Chinese buffet - all you can eat and drink for $10 - oh dear.

Owing to a slight clearance issue with the vehicle, it's now starting to make some very odd noises, so as a precaution decided not to drive all the way over to the far side of LA to Travel Town, instead went to Commerce City Metrolink. This was a new location on the itinerary and turned out to be OK - not a huge amount of traffic but the backdrop of the BNSF loco servicing depot made up for it.

Next stop was check in at Fullerton and dinner on the platform at the Cafe. Last year there was one homeless person living on the platform - now there were at least 10. A church group were running a soup kitchen for them, and as expected, a car load of people pulled up, all the kids bailed out and got a frtee feed - hard not to be judgemental (if you can afford the gas...) - but if you're hungry and have run out of cash, then the service is there to be used. This now means there is one side of the platform that is way off limits, which is fine as it's on the shaded side and no good for photography anyway.

We hung around till 8pm to try our hand at some night shots - lookin' pretty good so far.

I've purchased the tickets to get us to San Diego tomorrow - train ride on Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner.

A couple of piccies below.

Colton Yard from Pepper Ave.

Colton Yard

Commerce City

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