Saturday, 5 April 2014

Kingman to Williams, Arizona

Talk about four seasons in one day - the day dawned bright, sunny, warm and partly cloudy. By the time we got to Seligman the wind had cooled a bit, and when we got to Crookton, it had picked up and off in the distance we could see lots of clouds oozing with precipitation. By the time we left Williams to go to the Grand Canyon, it was snowing !!

The road trip side of things was pretty good, departing Kingman and then following Rte 66 to Hackberry, Valentine, Peach Springs (no peaches) and Seligman, then Crookton Road (Rte 66) to I40 then Williams.

The trip to the Grand Canyon saw me having to pull over to the side of the road to avoid a definite head-on  - the car behind me did the same as well - it looked like a bunch of tourists in the car.

The only other excitement today was seeing a couple of hobo's getting a free ride on a train today.

The Days Inn at Williams is flash as.

Not many photos, but 11 trains filmed, although about 15 were seen.

Check out this guy.

Crookton Road Overpass

Crookton Road Overpass

A big ditch that the American's didn't build.

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