Thursday, 17 April 2014

A day off and the last day - last post

Today was a free day and allowed everyone to do their own thing and wind down.

Jim went to see the Queen Mary and sat at the Santa Fe Springs station where he froze his butt off watching trains.

Chris and Judy did some shopping locally and generally just chilled out.

I watched a movie (no, Batman) then did some shopping at Walmart (threw out all my old clothes) and on the way back to the hotel called in to get a haircut - 00 buzz cut of course, and this time she didn't fall asleep on my head and push the cutters into my skull - long story from the last trip. Whilst getting my haircut, I glimpsed a guy getting a foot spa and the look on his face said it all.... another $25 later and I was sitting beside him soaking my feet - nails got done, legs and feet massaged and 49 years of dry flakey skin were scrubbed free - it wasn't as gross as it sounds !!

Jamie went to the station, went shopping, annoyed me while I was watching a movie, probably annoyed a few local girls as well, and disappeared again.

Later on we all (except Judy) went back to the Fullerton Station to get some late afternoon shots and watch Amtrak No 4 the Southwest Chief to Chicago pass through. A cool breeze was blowing through and it was overcast so there was no argument when I suggested we depart.

Tomorrow we visit Milepost 38 Hobbies at Anaheim, return to Fullerton for lunch and hang around until it's time to depart for Hertz Returns to drop the beast off, catch the shuttle bus to LAX, check in and fly home.

That then ends the trip - 3.5 weeks on the road. Lots of trains, lots of video and photographs taken. As you get with any group of people who wouldn't normally socialize together, there were some clashes of personalities, but they were brief and few and far between.

Generally, a pretty good trip, and as always, as soon as you start deviating from the plan, things go wrong - I prefer to put up with a few sulks than have everything go to the pack just because someone wants to do something different. The hard part is not succumbing to the pressure of those who wish to do their own thing.

Another one ?

Probably not unless someone approaches me and asks me to put one together.

All the best, Erin.

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