Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ludlow to Cajon Pass

Today we left the thriving metropolis of Ludlow and relocated to Cajon Pass. Only one stopover and that was at Frost, a dot on the map within the city of Victorville.
Cajon has changed a lot - a large collection of beehives prevented us getting to Alray; a landslide that reduced the roadwidth prevented us getting to Sullivan Curve and although my effort was valiant, the road to Hill 582 was totally impassable. Roll on Marc Fournier, who was in his 4x4, met us at the foot of the hill and showed us a new area that was being developed for railfans at Silverwood. With easy access and suitable for all day photography, this place turned out to be a real gem.
More on Cajon Pass tomorrow.
Today I saw a coyote as I was filming - awesome, and a centipede that was about 6 inches long - not so awesome.
PS - today at Frost I met Tony Stark. The other day he was boating with Taylor Swift and he reckons he can buy lots of weed in New Zealand because he's famous. I didn't catch his real first name but this teenager came up the hill to watch me film. He was as high as a kite and wanted money, smokes or something to drink. After a while I asked him to stand back from the camera, and told him to keep going - he kept going.

Frost, Victorville, Ca.

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