Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Arrival at South San Francisco

We all made it safe and sound to San Francisco - albeit a little worse for wear after spending 11.5 hours flying.
No hiccups at all with the car rental or the accommodation, or customs, or flights or anything so far. Paul insisted we have In & Out Burger for lunch - the meal was OK but getting there and back was a bit of an adventure. The Hertz Neverlost is dreadfully slow at "recalculating". Mind you, if I didn't take any wrong turns, there wouldn't be a need to "recalculate"...

The afternoon was spent at the South City Caltrain Station where the notorious San Francisco wind picked up and cut right through us. Jimmy then turned up later that night, making it a full complement.

Chris & Judy turned in early - Chris was looking a bit jaded - it was a big day. Jamie was in bed at 8:30 pm and when I got back from dinner with Paul, he was long gone - poor wee fella. Paul and I went to a Chinese restaurant at just the right time - 40 percent off everything after 8:30pm. It was filling and only cost 6 bucks - awesome.

As for the trains, all the usuals were at the Sth City Caltrain - Caltrain F40's and Baby Bullets, Union Pacific geeps, and one nice surprise: a Helm leasing GP38-2 newly refurbished. This non-turbo EMD sounded stunning, and was the lead loco for a switching move that started up while we were there. Piccies below.

 Chris, Paul, a local railfan and Jamie doing their thing at Sth City Caltrain.

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